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Götz Bürkle

Business Areas

Organisational Development

With my interdisciplinary background and experience I provide professional services around business processes, organisational topics, information technology, knowledge management, and Enterprise 2.0.

I would like to expand this business area, so if you need someone to help you with organisational, knowledge management, or IT issues don't hesitate to contact me.

Web Development

I am doing web development for more than ten years and realized a bunch of different projects, ranging from small personal hompages to large websites or even web shops. Since my beginnings in this business I was interested in good usability, lean design, and clean markup.

List of selected projects

(most of them are offline or not any more maintained by me by now)

(1999, 2006) — Development of the general concept and realization of the first live web presence of a youth camp run by the Evangelisches Jugendwerk in Württemberg.
W. Bälz & Sohn GmbH & Co.
(2000 - 2009) — Development and maintenance of a basic website.
Autohaus Wallisch
(2000 - 200?) — Development of a basic website, extended by an online catalog for the used cars business.
ejw Jugendtag 2001 - Much More
(2001 - 2003) — Design and realization of an extensive non-dynamic website for a CD and also for an online presence for a youth congress in Stuttgart.
CVJM Deutschland - Mitarbeiterhilfe Online
(2001 - 2008) — Development of a download portal providing journals for leaders of YMCA youth groups.
Online presence of the Literaturwerkstatt of the Gustav-Stresemann-Gymnasiums Schmiden
(2002 - 2007) — Development and design of an online platform for writing a serial story. This project was part of the literature days 2002 in Baden-Württemberg.

Since the site has been shut down I am waiting to launch a new interesting project using the very beautiful domain name literaturwerkstatt.net (the domain name means something like "literature garage").
Bürkle Services - tempus. online ordering system
(2003 - 2005) — Development of an online shop for personal organisers, a former business area of Bürkle Development.
TZI-Colleg '01
(2003 - present) — Development of a website based on a custom built web content management system.
Evangelisches Jugendwerk Bezirk Schorndorf
(2004 - 2009) — Development and design of a website based on our web content management system, extended by calendar modules to allow many different parties to update information about scheduled events.
Kairos Media - Filmperspektiven
(2006 - present) — Development of website based on our web content management system, creation of a layout according to design guidelines and logo graphics developed by a designer.
additional projects realized for:
Judo Diakonie Stetten, SMD Karlsruhe, Jugendgemeinderat Fellbach, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Missionsgemeinde / JMS Weinstadt e.V., Ready4Tours, timcotec, Royal Rangers Germany outpost 112, ...
Götz Bürkle


Götz Bürkle, Diplom-Informationswirt (Information Engineering and Management)

If you have any questions or interesting project requests just drop a line to
or call +49 711 50886288.

You can also find me on XING (profile of Götz Bürkle) and LinkedIn (Götz Bürkle's profile).

I will be happy to answer your requests.


Bürkle Services
Hosting and other services are provided with help of Bürkle Services. Since autumn 2009 the hosting services are based on products from Host Europe.
Strand Writing & Design
Currently I am working fulltime at Strand Writing & Design in London.